Austin Healey Bugeye / Frogeye Sprite "CruZin" Windows
for top down cruising.

I orginally designed my "CruZin" windows several years ago for Porsche Speedsters, but it's always been in the back of my mind that they could also be used for other 1950/60 era convertibles.
I have now redesigned the mount and the windows, so they can be used on "Bugeye / Frogeye" Sprites.


CruZin Windows are made from a special green tinted acrylic material that makes them appear to be glass. The green tint is barely visible when looking through the window, but very visible on the highly polished edges.

The mounting hardware is high quality polished aluminum, made in the USA. The door mounts slide in a track on the back of the window base and can be locked in position once fitted. The door mounts can easily be bent to facilitate adjusting the inward tilt of the window to fit snugly against the windshield frame if required.

They are designed for top down cruising and can be used with the tonneau cover in place. They won't totally eliminate wind and noise (it's a convertible after all), but they will significantly reduce it, while also making your Sprite the COOLEST one around! They can be used with the top up, but will not completely fill the window opening. The doors open normally with the windows installed and the windows are stable at highway speeds.

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***Not designed for top up use, but can be used with the top up***

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