*** Sold Sold Sold ***
Sorry, but when I post a Speedster you need to act quickly!
1957 Porsche Speedster Replica
Built by Vintage Speedsters

Just in time for the late-summer car shows and cruising!
Replica Speedsters have appreciated in value for the past several years and significantly even more in 2019.
Unlike most cars, they are an investment that typically appreciates with time.

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This Speedster comes with a beautiful Silver exterior that just shimmers, but add the Ox Blood interior and Nardi style steering wheel and you have the iconic and timeless look that was envisioned by Ferdinand Porsche some 60 years ago.
The amount of  attention this car will get can actually be a little bit embarrassing when everyone is gathered around your car at the country club and the guy with the six figure Ferrari or Lambo is almost ignored. You will actually feel sorry for them, especially when you consider the cost of their cars compared to what you paid for this classic beauty. It's no BS, just ask any Speedster owner.
*Fair warning, don't buy this car if you can't handle all the attention and questions  you will get.*
If you're looking for fun and excitement and you like the idea of "the wind in your hair," but think a motorcycle is too dangerous or, you already have a motorcycle, but yoursignificant other is tired of riding on the back and you want something that is just as exciting, but more comfortable and way more classy, then this car is for you!  More fun and much more comfortable than a motorcycle, costs less than some Harleys, you can't fall off of it and there is


This classic Speedster replica comes with a stunning, classic Silver paint job. It has a beautiful Ox Blood interior and was factory built by Vintage Speedsters, so you know it was done right.

If you don't know or can't tell the difference between the different Speedster manufactures, you aren't ready to buy one.
  I'm always happy to discuss the differences and to answer questions you might have, even if mine isn't the one you're looking for.  There are many very important things to consider, especially how it's registered. Just give me a call.

This Speedster is essentially a brand new car and has only been driven 1,234 miles (1986 km) since it was built. It has never been driven in the rain and the exterior, interior, top and side curtains are in excellent, like new condition. The chrome wheels with Porsche crested Baby Moon hubcaps are simply spectacular. The Speedster script on the front fenders, the Reutter badge on the side, the Porsche script on the dash and rear, and the Germany and Laguna Seca grill badges all add the finishing touches, but there is more!

 It also has a luggage rack with a vintage fly fishing rod, reel, creel, net and a vintage suitcase with retro travel labels and custom made Black leather straps.

 This car also comes with super cool, custom made, top down "CruZin Windows" that almost nobody else has, because I make them myself!  I also sell them separately on my website and on eBay.

 This beautiful Speedster is built on a 1970 VW pan and is titled as a 1970 VW with current California registration, good until December 2019. When comparing this Speedster with Speedsters from other manufacturers, pay very close attention to the quality of the build. Check that the doors, hood and trunk all fit smoothly and are aligned properly, with no gaps.

Most importantly, did the other sellers post current high definition pictures of the engine from the top and below and can they show you a video of the car actually being driven? If not, they are probably hiding something they don't want you to see. I have a 13 minute video of the car being driven by my wife and I on August 29th, 2019 and you can watch it below.  I also have other fun Speedster videos that I can share if you contact me.

The engine is a 1915cc VW with dual Kadron carbs. It has a 4 speed manual 3:88 "Freeway Flyer" transmission. It starts every time with just a turn of the key, sounds great, pulls well and runs VERY strong! Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Walk around and start-up video

13 minute foothill cruise video

The Speedster has:
Classic Silver exterior
Ox Blood Allante interior with Silver piping
Black Stafast top with matching side curtains
Grey carpet
Custom made "CruZin Windows" for top-down cruising
Nardi style steering wheel
Retro Radio (Bluetooth ready)
Pioneer under the dash speakers
Coco mats
Porsche badge on the hood handle
Porsche script on the dash
Porsche script on the rear
Porsche crested seatbelts
Porsche crested horn button
Speedster script on both front fenders
Reutter badge on right front fender
Germany and Laguna Seca grill badges
1915cc Type 1 VW engine (Be sure to watch the video!!!)
External oil cooler
4 speed manual 3:88 "Freeway Flyer" transmission
(perfect for cruising those country roads and powering through the twisties)
Dual Kadron carburetors
Dual tip Tri-Mil exhaust
Front disc brakes
Polished chrome wheels
Adjustable front beam
Adjustable rear spring plates
Porsche crested Baby Moon hubcaps
Luggage rack
Vintage suitcase with retro travel labels
Vintage fly fishing rod, reel, net and creel
Black leather luggage straps
Full tonneau cover
Half tonneau cover
Full car cover
Call for details.

This Speedster is simply a classic beauty, it turns heads and gets thumbs-up everywhere it goes and is a joy to drive. All you will need to do with this car is buy it, drive it and build a shelf for all the trophies you will win when you show it.

The photos below were taken on August 31st, 2019.

Black and white photos because they are so cool!

Ok, now that you have read all the details about this car, watched the video and seen all the pictures, it's all up to you.
I challenge you to compare this Speedster to any other Speedster currently listed on eBay or anywhere else for that matter.





I know it can be nerve wracking to buy a car sight unseen and wire cash to someone you don't know
, but
I have sold many other beautiful Vintage and JPS Speedsters.