1957 Porsche Speedster Replica

1957 356 Speedster replica built by Vintage Speedsters.

Just in time to drive to your Spring car shows and take home that
Best of Show trophy.

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This Speedster just oozes class.  In fact, it is so classy that you may actually want to wear your tux when you go for a drive!
It comes with a classic Ivory exterior, but add the Blue interior (seats, dash, door panels and carpet) and you have a color combination that is simply stunning!  The classic Ivory banjo steering wheel with a Porsche crested horn button and the shift knob with the Porsche emblem give the interior of this car the iconic and timeless look that Ferdinand Porsche envisioned for these cars some 60 years ago.

If you're looking for fun and excitement and you like the idea of "the wind in your hair," but think a motorcycle is too dangerous or, you already have a motorcycle, but your significant other is tired of riding on the back and you want something that is just as exciting, but more comfortable and way more classy, then this car is for you!

More fun and much more comfortable than a motorcycle, costs about the same as a Harley, you can't fall off of it and there is


The story on this car is that the original owner bought two car from Vintage Speedsters, this Ivory car and a Silver car. His plan was to give or sell the Ivory car to someone and keep the Silver car for himself.  For some reason his plans for the Ivory car fell through and the car just stayed in his garage for several years.  He just drove it enough to keep everything lubricated and only put 73 miles on it over the years, which is what it had when I got it.  I towed it home and put an additional 250 miles on it, which was all just towing miles, without the engine running.  Registered in California as a 1965 Volkswagen.

This Speedster has been driven less than 350 actual miles since it was built.  This classic Speedster replica comes with a stunning Ivory paint job, which is in near flawless condition!  The interior, top and side curtains are all in excellent, like new condition.  The chrome wheels with Porsche crested nipple hubs and brand new tires will carry you anywhere you want to go in style.

This incredible Speedster is built on a 1965 VW pan and has a clean California title as a 1965 VW.   It is exempt from smog certification requirements in California and most other states.  The Porsche script on the rear, the Porsche script on the dash, the USA and the Côte d'Azur badges on the engine grill, and the luggage rack with vintage suitcase, fly fishing rod, reel and net add the finishing touches.

When comparing this Speedster with Speedsters from other manufacturers, pay very close attention to the quality of the build. Check that the doors, hood and trunk all fit smoothly and are aligned properly, with no gaps. 

This car also comes with super cool, custom made, top down "Cruzin Windows" that almost nobody else has, because I make them myself!
("CruZin Windows" are also available separately on eBay)

The engine is a strong 1600cc Type 1 VW with dual Kadron carburetors and  dual tip exhaust, mated to a 4 speed manual Freeway Flyer transmission.

The Speedster has a clean 1965 VW California title and is essentially a new build:
Ivory exterior
Interior is dark Blue Allante, "Comfort" seats, door panels and dash trim
Blue top with matching side curtains
Blue carpet
Banjo style steering wheel
Porsche crested horn button
Porsche crested shift knob
Coco mats (Included but not seen in the pictures)
Custom made "CruZin Windows" for top-down cruising
Porsche script on the dash
Porsche script on the rear (Included but not seen in the pictures)
Speedster script emblems on both sides
Reutter badge on right front fender
USA and Côte d'Azur badges on the engine grill
Luggage rack
Luggage straps
Vintage suitcase with travel labels, fly fishing rod, reel and net
Tear drop tail lights
Mesh headlight stone guards
Aero side mirror
1600cc Type 1 VW engine
4 speed manual 3:88 Freeway Flyer transmission
(perfect for cruising those country roads and powering through the twisties)
Dual Kadron carburetors
Dual tip exhaust
Front disc brakes
Chrome wheels
Porsche crested nipple hubcaps (Included but not seen in the pictures)
Baby Moon hubcaps
Adjustable front suspension
Porsche crested valve stem caps
Quarter tonneau cover
Full car cover

No expense has been spared to make this the CLASSIEST Speedster in California.

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Driveway video walk around on 04/19/2019








All of the photos below were taken on 04/19/19.



Black and white photo,
because they are sooooo cool!

Ok, now that you have read all the details about this car and seen all the pictures, it's all up to you.
I challenge you to compare this Speedster to any other Speedster currently listed on eBay or anywhere else for that matter.  This is by far the nicest Speedster out there.
None of them come anywhere near close to my car!
As soon as someone who knows what they are looking at sees this car it will be sold.
Trust me on this one, if you snooze, you're going to lose!

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